Energy Healing

A Brief Explanation of Our Approach to Healing
Energy imbalance is one of the most important causes of ill health.  Some of the behavioral traits like anxiety, greed, jealousy, grief, anger, fear, frustration, and mental stress are responsible in disturbing the equilibrium of energy within the body.  This disturbance illustrates itself as a number of physical and mental problems.
Spiritual Healing is very effective in restoring the harmonious state of mind, body and soul.  Healing is of divine origin and reaches one, through one’s spirit self. It is a force superior to men’s knowledge. The healer is but a channel through whom the healing is conveyed or through whom the receptivity of the sufferer is awakened.
When contact Healing is received it should be understood that it takes effect not only at the time of the treatment but thereafter in the days and weeks ahead. Healing is a continuing process reaching the affected person day by day bringing about progressive changes for the better as the corrective influence takes effect.
Spectacular results or instantaneous ‘cures’ should not be expected. Although dramatic changes do sometimes take place as a result of a single healing treatment, more generally improvement comes progressively, week-by-week, month-by-month, as the underlying causes of ill conditions are lessened and overcome.
These changes for the better involve not only the specific malady for which healing has been sought but the total well being of the person viz. spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  Thus it can be seen that healing has a preventive function too, as a more harmonious state is attained, so the likelihood of ill health is lessened.