What if I can’t see anything? 

Some people are very visual and can start seeing things right away. Other people find they get a sense of something. They may say something like, “I get the feeling I’m under water…” If this is you, that’s ok, just describe whatever pops into your head. In time, you will eventually be able to see something.

You may also hear yourself saying, “This is silly. It’s just my imagination. I’m making this up.” Yes, you are right. It is your imagination. Using pictures and images is the only way your subconscious is able to communicate with you. You are not making it up. This becomes clear as the session progresses. You will find you get surprised by things. Many clients for instance are surprised at what they are wearing. If you were making it up, how could you be surprised? So when, “I’m making this up. I’m imagining it” pops into your head, it’s ok! But go ahead and describe what you’re seeing anyway. The story you are seeing is being shown to you for a reason. You will be amazed at how the life or lives relate directly to this life.

If we find that after some time we still can not bypass the ego, I may recommend we reschedule at no additional charge to you, or if you feel this isn’t the experience for you, you will not be charged for the session. That said, this has never happened to any of my clients so I am confident this type of thing will not happen to you.