#LifeWouldBeBetterIf you could leave the past & focus on NOW.
It’s easy to say than being done, people don’t forgive or forget what bad someone did to them yesterday & they couldn’t sleep last night. Some people can’t forget what spouse said last week & since then they are not talking to spouse since last week. some people can’t forget what neighbor did to them last year since then they want to take revenge. In relationships a bride can’t forget how badly her mother in law treated her in initial years of marriage.

#LifeWouldBeBetterIf we can forget all the past & focus on NOW
Now is beautiful & you have all in control or you can have in control. You control what you will have for the next meal. You can either have junk food or go pamper yourself have the food you always wanting to have. Why will you block which makes you happy.

#LifeWouldBeBetterIf you had 10 years back from your life (some one thinks in last weeks session ). It’s good that you have an understanding that you could do better in last 10 years, so start today, consider this that in next 30 days you will have to do all the things you could have done in last 10 years.

#LifeWouldBeBetterIf you had that person in your life ? there are number of questions arise.. #LifeWouldBeBetterIf if you take action now.
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