Were you and your spouse Lovers in a past life ?
This Question comes to mind when you & your spouse are in the best of the happy times in life.
It’s a nice feeling to be loved by someone, if that love makes you complete it feels like it’s not from this life only it must have been in the past life also. Past life regression helps you solve this question in your mind if you and your spouse were lovers in a past life.

Let the practitioner know what is your question & what is that you want to find out from the past life so therapist can regress you the past life in that particular time.

Always know that marriage will have its ups & downs but if you can make a stronger bond with your spouse through past life belief itself it will help you in maintaining that happiness in marriage. Any belief which holds you to stay happy in marriage is good.

Happy marriage is about ignoring the flaws of the spouse & focusing on strengths & positive things of spouse. If you were connected in past life with your spouse then you will ignore number of arguments & ego to be right. Marital relationships helps you to grow happiness in your life & if spouse was connected to your past life then you will want to hold on to the spouse by making the happy, as you may have some karmic left overs which you need to fulfill in this life.

Find out in session of regression if you were connected with your spouse in past life because then besides being a spouse you will consider spouse as soul mate.