Regression Therapy

PLR Therapy is past life regression therapy.

If you believe in your subconscious mind that it has power to heal then the only thing stopping you from remembering your past lives is likely to be your own subconscious mind which has been pre-programmed to stop you remembering.

Learn to heal yourself.

Learn to resolve your past.

Transform your journey.

Past life regression therapy dates back to 4th Century BC when Patanjali instructed how past lives can be recalled through meditation. If our lives were in the control of our minds then they wouldn’t have fear, anger, worry, disappointment, sadness, misery, hurt, pain or suffering.

Pastlife can be accessed by pastlife regression therapy with guidance from past life therapist in Delhi by doing PLR therapy in Delhi India. In PLR practitioner who is past life regression therapist in Delhi takes you to a trance like state where you remember pastlife regression stories, through pastlife regression therapy in Delhi,Monk who are PLR practitioners, also PLRT other services. Best pastlife regression is where therapist during regression works on issues with current life. You may have number of lifes in your subconscious mind. Access the first then see the change in your current life. Always have something in mind which you want to change in this life before the session to get the maximum benefit of the session.

It’s about fixing NOW, current situation. Your mind simply learns to accept a new way of thinking and unblocks negative thoughts and programming which have prevented you in the past from achieving whatever you desire. PLRT can now be part of your reality.

past life regression therapist in Delhi 

Benefits of PLRT regression:

  • Improvements in every aspect of your personal life.
  • Finances will flow effortlessly into your life,
  • You will no longer be subconsciously attracted to poverty and lack.
  • Improvements in the way you see yourself, more self confidence, generally happier.
  • Notice improvements in your general health and overall feelings of well being.
  • Helps you understand who you are and what is the purpose of your life
  • Getting rid of curses and vows taken in another life time
  • Accessing the guidance from your higher self
  • Healing and clearing of Trauma
  • Understanding relationships and repeated behavioral patterns
  • Remove Phobias and emotional hang-ups.


You will start to realize your full potential in life as there is no longer anything subconsciously holding you back.

Past life regression in delhi can be booked by calling PLRD. It’s an experience of lifetime. Lot of books are available on pastlife you can read them but experiencing a session gives you an experience where you remember your past. It’s like looking at a picture of horse in a book or learning how to ride on horse but then actually riding the horse & experiencing the horse riding. You can read as many books but till you experience a regression you will not know the power of regression.


Some people who have gone through this therapy recommend others to do it because they realize the power of regression by removing their old negative thoughts. 


There are number of regression techniques a therapist can use:

  • Age Regression
  • Inner Child Regression
  • PastLife Regression
  • Life between Lives